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Balboa is a form of swing dance which originated from California. It is danced in a close embrace and usually danced in faster tempo of music. Its basic steps are very simple and allow for different footwork variations.


Blues dancing is a dance form used to describe a family of dance styles that have developed throughout the history of Blues music. It offers a distinct kind of partner dance that allows for improvised steps within a set of standard techniques.

East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing is a type of social partner dance. It is part of the group of swing dances. It is danced under quick swing music that also includes rock and roll and boogie-woogie.


The Jitterbug is a type of swing dance which is made up of dynamic, acrobatic and spontaneous movements. It can be performed in solo, with a partner or in a line.

Swing Jive

Jive is a fast-paced, uninhibited adaptation of Jitterbug usually described as a very happy, boppy, dynamic dance, with a lot of knee-lifting, bending, and rocking of the hips.

Lindy Hop

Lindy hop is a very popular type of partner dance which is fun and dynamic. It is usually danced to relatively fast swing music. It is also characterized by a free, spontaneous couple dance with great emphasis on rhythmical variations and groove.


Shag dancing is couple’s dance and a spin off of swing. It is danced with both partners moving up and down on a single line or track thus, the reason it is referred to as a slot dance.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a partner dance which originated from Lindy Hop. The dance is characterized by a distinctive elastic look that results from its basic extension-compression technique of partner connection. It is mostly performed in a slotted area in the dance floor.

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